Summer Capsule Wardrobe Bags

Over the past few months, I've purged over 80% of my belongings. I had way too much stuff, and it's been so freeing to get rid of things I'd been holding on to for so long. These five bags bring me joy, are functional, and can be easily stored inside each other, score!

Tiny leather bag, from Goodwill.
This bag has several small pockets on the inside and even a small mirror! Not bad for $4.99. I love it if I'm going somewhere where I don't need much- phone, lip product, cash, that's about all that fits.

Vintage tooled leather bag, from eBay.
This bag was my first eBay purchase when I was 17. I was so stoked when I won it. I used it for 5 or 6 years before the braided leather strap broke and I just recently replaced the broken strap. This bag is smallish, but I can jam a bunch of stuff in it including my camera, wallet, phone, and even water bottle.

Vintage market bag, from Goodwill.
Don't judge me, but I actually bought this bag for my little sister. I gave it to her for Christmas, she used it for a bit, then I borrowed it and never gave it back. To be fair, she's a thrifting queen and has bought herself two similar market bags that she used all the time. Also, she borrowed a sweater from me once and later sold it at Buffalo Exchange. I feel like we're even ;).
I always get complements on this bag when I wear it. I love the vibrant colors & detailed weave. It fits everything & I take it everywhere.

Backpack, Fjallraven Kanken (in frost green)
I've never been a backpack person, but I love this backpack. My laptop fits in it, it's sleek and clean looking, and I love the unique color. It was originally designed for swedish school children in 1978, and it's super durable. I use this for travel & work.

Tote, Madewell
This bag really fits everything. It's great for everyday, but I have to be careful that I don't over back it because it gets heavy! I like to bring this to work because I can pack everything I need, including my lunch and huge glass water bottle, without having to carry a separate canvas bag.

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